• Worship Services: Weekly Inspiring worship services
  • Bible studies & Prayer: Weekly Bible studies and prayer meetings at least twice per week.
  • Visitations: Scheduled Visits to hospitals, other institutions and  private homes to provide spiritual comfort and help for the sick and brokenhearted.
  • Group Fellowship: Weekly meetings & activities specially designed for the growth and enhancement of  men, women, youth and married couples
  • Outdoor Socials: Special functions and activities to promote social interaction among congregants.
  • Spiritual Counseling: Godly counsels are given to families and individuals facing serious challenges.


  • Visitations: Visits to the unsaved in the community, to share  the gospel or to give neighborly support.
  • Home Bible Study: People in the community are taught the word of God with the expectation they will be converted and experience an “Abundant Life”
  • Family & Friends Fellowship Dinner: Members of the church host quarterly Fellowship dinner


  • Help: Volunteers take food and other items to people who are unable to help themselves
  • Homework Assistance Program: Volunteer teachers assist students with school assignments, on request
  • Food Pantry: Food and other items are distributed to people in the community on the 3rd Saturday of the month. You can sign up for the food pantry when you show up.
  • Job Sourcing: Volunteers help to source jobs and also assist seekers  prepare for interviews.
  • Transportation: Volunteers assist especially  the elderly with transportation needs.