January 2017: Return to Bethel

Last month, we spent a considerable amount of time focusing on the importance of the church, emphasizing the real purpose of this un-beatable, God–ordained and directed institution. For our studies, we looked at Jacob’s encounter with God at Luz (which Jacob renamed Bethel). He came face to face with the mighty and awesome God who […]

September 2016: Highly Favored of God

During our recent Holy Convocation, the presenters almost with a single voice painstakingly explained that many of the abominable practices of the day are indeed signs of the end-time. The speakers further informed us that as the ‘enemy’ intensifies his assaults against the kingdom of God, the window of opportunity to make meaningful gains against […]

August 2016: Ready!

We began the church year under the theme ‘Stay Focused, Get Involved in the Mission to Reach Others for Christ!’ During our recent Holy Convocation, we explored the need for believers to be ‘Walking Faithfully in the End-time’. We now conclude this final month with the reminder that in spite of today’s challenges, believers should […]

July 2016: Maintaining Faithfulness in the End-time

We are not ignorant of Jesus’ undying love for His bride- the church. After Peter made the surprising revelation of who Jesus was, the Lord announced the establishment of His church: “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell […]

Helpful Tips for Studying the Bible

Summer Bible Training Course BALM has launched its summer 2016 Bible training course to teach participants helpful tips for studying the Bible. Bible teachers are using a 3-step process to explain how believers can RSUMBAT the Word of God. Step 1 — Observation Read the WORD daily Study the WORD thoroughly Step 2 — Interpretation […]